You are busy creating your life, let us create your financial plan


plans we offer

Plans We Offer


The journey can’t begin until you put the keys in the ignition. This plan is for individuals who need that start.

This plan will provide you with an overview of your financial situation. During our consultation we will address your financial concerns including employee benefits, college and retirement savings, debt reduction. We will also identify and prioritize your financial goals and come up with a concrete, actionable plan to work towards those goals.

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COST: $500 — $2,000

Plans We Offer


You are on the road! Now where is your GPS?

This includes a holistic financial plan. In order to create the plan that is right for you, we need to get to know you. We will begin with a consultation to discuss your financial goals and values, and then craft your complete plan.

A full financial plan is a living document that serves as a guide in helping you to prioritize your goals and make the necessary changes to improve your overall financial well being.

After we deliver and review the plan with you, we will follow up every few months to ensure progress and to make any necessary adjustments. Of course, we are always available to you for questions regarding your plan and/or action items.

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COST: $2,000 — $4,000 and an ongoing monthly fee of $100-$500

Plans We Offer


Grab a co-pilot because you are going to need one!

The advanced plan is for individuals whose financial needs include all of the above as well as investment management. Before we can make specific investment recommendations, we need to understand your goals, income needs, and risk tolerance.

At Maverick our approach to investments is to help clients grow their money to achieve their goals on time while accepting the least amount of risk possible to get this done.

Very few investors realize how much risk is in their portfolio relative to their risk tolerance. Often times they underestimate their risk level until it’s too late and their portfolio loses significant value.

This is why we take a proactive approach and measure your emotional appetite for risk now and in the future. Working through our risk assessment process we will uncover your tolerance for risk, and suggest strategies for allocating assets across your investment portfolio that reflect this.

When it comes to financial affairs, we are emotional, not rational beings. Which is precisely why you need an advisor who can provide unemotional, objective advice that keeps you on track and protects you against short-term decisions that derail your long-term plans.

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COST:  1% of assets under management with breakpoints available

Financial Planning — the phrase alone could be used as a cure for insomnia.

But think about that vacation you’ve been dreaming about, that home you are saving to buy, the business your are launching, that dream of retirement looming in the not so distant future — not so boring now, right?

A financial plan is the key to getting you there!