maverick – a lone dissenter, as an intellectual, who takes an independent stand

Building this firm and working closely with individuals to craft strategies that result in the best possible financial outcome for their unique situation has been more rewarding than I ever imagined.


I’m Chad.

As I mentioned, I am a human. I am a husband, a father, a surfer, and a financial expert. I am also a son to aging parents, a mortgage holder, a parent who worries about putting my children through college, an entrepreneur, and a man who wants to one day retire and roam the world in search of the perfect wave with my wife by my side.

I am just like you, and I remember that with every interaction and every piece of advice, and that is what makes me an outstanding financial advisor. I founded this firm specifically so that I could offer the unbiased advice and personalized service that I found lacking in my previous positions.

I embarked on my career in this industry 18 years ago as a very green and overly eager graduate of Colby College. Fortunately, I found a broker at Bear Stearns willing to take me under his wing, and spent the next two years attempting to glean industry insights while cold calling until my fingers went numb!

With just enough knowledge and experience to fly the coop, I landed my first financial advisor position at UBS Paine Webber, and then on to Smith Barney.

The birth of my first child accompanied my transition to Charles Schwab where I spent the next 12 years of my career, advancing from financial consultant to Vice President and achieving the honor of being in the top 7% of advisors in the firm.  I was recognized annually as a Five Star Wealth Manager by both Rhode Island and Boston Magazine.

As life would have it, my desire to build a firm based on the core values of integrity, simplicity and accountability to my clients came to a head just as our family planned a major move from Massachusetts to Kaua’i, HI. It was go time!

I live in Kaua’i with my amazing wife, Jeana, our four little rock star kids, and our crazy puppy, Pono. When I am not working, I’m surfing, paddling, kayaking, hiking with the family or wrangling the jungle that is our backyard.

An interesting take-away from all my years in this industry is that working as a financial advisor is similar to parenting in that the title only encompasses a hint of what is actually required to do the job well!

When you embark on the journey of parenting, you think that your role is to love and guide your children through life, helping them to grow into the best possible version of themselves. Within a few years, however, you realize that being a “parent” also means being a diplomat, a psychologist, a nurse, a taxi driver, a coach, a social coordinator, an educator, and a friend.

Just like parenting, I have realized that to be the best “financial advisor” requires so much more than picking investments. It requires being a good listener, a problem solver, a translator, an educator, a peace-of- mind creator, and an advocate.  Let us be all of these things for you.